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Pack Ranks (+Aging)

Alpha Male: The wolf who produces pups with the Alpha Female only. Male leader.

(30-90 moons)

Alpha Female: The wolf who produces pups with the Alpha Male only. Female leader.

(30-90 moons)

Beta: Second in command when the Alphas are busy or not present. May try to challenge the Alpha of their sex to become the Alpha.

(20-70 moons)

Healer: Wolf that heals members' wounds. They cannot have a mate, and are usually the peace keepers of the pack.

(15-90 moons)

Healer-in-training: Same age as pup-in-training, they are taught about healing by the healer and they become the healer once previous healer dies.

(6-15 moons)

Pack Members: Normal wolves of the Pack, they may try to take control of the Pack by challenging the Alpha of their sex or the Beta. They can specialize in hunting, fighting, or sending messages to the other Packs.

(12-110 moons)

Pups-in-training: Wolves that are younger than pack members, they can be trained by any pack member.

(6-12 moons)

Pups: New born wolves that are not allowed outside of camp and are usually the offspring of the Alphas.

(0-6 moons)

Omegas: Wolves in the Pack that are the last ones to eat from the prey caught, disrespected, and gets other wolves' anger vented on them. When they are lost however, the pack may go into a time of great mourning. These wolves are also usually handicapped.

(12-110 moons)